Between 2011-2018 torna was based in Kadıköy, İstanbul. The space consisted of 3 neighbouring rooms inside an arcade.

torna small is an exhibition space. It is a replica of one of the torna rooms which used to be in Istanbul, but made at 1:6th scale. One of the main characteristics of torna was the spaces it was in and all the limitations that came with using these spaces as exhibition and project rooms. Now we will have a 70cm by 60cm room-box to work with. While this size brings out a ton of new limitations, it will also give us the space to exhibit so many things and ideas that we couldn't when we had the actual space.

We are starting to work with the new space in 2024.

Over time the artists whose names listed below will be exhibiting at the space. These six artists have previously experienced working in the original torna rooms. So their understanding and interpretation of a miniature replica of a space will be exciting to follow.
İrem Günaydın, Caitlin Franzmann, Molly Palmer, Emin Yüksel, Kiah Reading and Pamela Arce.

More information to come as the project develops.